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Comprehensive monitoring of legal actions within the scope of Labor Court, across all its instances, involving the following activities:

Santiago, Bega & Petry Law Firm is an office with over 40 years of history – it began in 1976, by the founding partner Carlos Roberto Ribas Santiago, who has been working throughout his career in Business Law, and whose specialty is in individual and collective Labor Law. Always willing to provide high quality services. This made him one of the most respected experts in his area.

Our strategy is to provide our clients with strong partnership and commitment not only consulting with preventive advice but also in litigation matters throughout all of the law areas related to labour relationship.

Rooted in values of ethics, loyalty, respect, credibility and dedicated professionalism in the relationship with our customers, we are a group of qualified professionals, with academic and institutional activities and constantly improving, we are responsible for a list of companies in many corporate activities, such as industries (steel work, auto parts, electronics, paper, chemistry) health care, schools, commerce, communications, agriculture, finance, coletctive transport, among olhers.

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•    Presentation of monthly procedural monitoring reports;

•    Providing support in terms of union relations;

•    Presentation, preparation, completion and provision of documents, reports, opinions and forms in English;

•    Jurimetrics program to search for information, data and jurisprudence; 

•    Carrying out training of personnel in the Company, especially managers, through lectures;

•    Carrying out collective bargaining;

•    Monitoring internal administrative procedures, especially investigations;

•    Execution of labor audits in the sectors indicated by the Company;

•    Valuation of actions under the Office's responsibility, with an estimate of the risks of each process, at each procedural stage;

•    Qualification and acting as a litisconsortial assistant in legal actions filed against the INSS by workers.

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Employment and Labor Attorneys

Tradition and Dedication Since 1976


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